EduCloudOnepage・ECO by LokaLingo

A Living Textbook in the Cloud

When no two brains are alike, a living textbook is more efficient and effective than a one-size-fits-all textbook or course. 

This AI-enhanced learning management system is especially for busy educators and learners.

The problem with learning anything.

Learning depends on how we memorize and change what we already know based on new input or experiences.


Why use a textbook or courses, a one size fits all approach when no two brains are alike?


Memorizing can be challenging, and forgetting is easy. How do we learn things more effectively?


Disengaging or irrelevant content diminishes the quality of recall.

Why EduCloudOnepage・ECO is better than the current solution.

The four pillars of EduCloudOnepage・ECO make it more adaptable to unique learning journeys using AI technology while automating repetitive tasks saving educators and learners time.

Coaching Conversations

The educator and learner co-create the learning journey through powerful associations.

The Living Textbook

The living textbook captures engaging SMART goals creating a sense of urgency with agile results.

Pareto Principle

Learn more efficiently by only focusing on the twenty per cent that produces eighty per cent of the outcome.

Spaced Repetition

Gamify with repetitious micro-learning timely delivered over a period to cement learning.

ECO is used to educate smart people at micro and giant companies.

ECO・Minimum Viable Product

Numbers since 2014

ECO is for busy educators or learners who teach or coach in-person or online, privately or as education entrepreneurs.

Here are some typical use cases.

As a language teacher,

she teaches language to private students online or in-person at their homes, cafe or office.

As a tutor,

she teaches various subjects online to students, one-to-one or in small groups across the globe.

As a communication coach,

he uses ECO to coach in-person and online working from home or at his client's location of choice in-person.

EduCloudOnepage・ECO is a cloud platform operated on devices with web browsers.

Here is how it works.


Sign up as an Admin user. Enable PayPal and Zoho. 

Create session subscriptions and pricing.


Embed URLs into your favourite social media or website for Educators and Learners to register. 

Learners purchase and book their sessions online.


Educators and learners use the living textbook and co-create learning journeys with engaging SMART goals and agile results in-person or via Zoom online.